Rules for moving tasks to Do Later

I hope this is the right place for this matter. I would like to bring up an issue previously mentioned in this thread:

There is a rule to move tasks to certain sections when the due date is approaching in X number of days. But there is no rule to move tasks to certain sections (eg. Do Later) when the due date is later than X number of days. Such a rule would be very useful (the alternative is manually moving between sections, or adding multiple rules to move when due date is in 8, 9, 10… 365 days etc, which is nonsensical).

Please consider this suggestion.

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I think this rule trigger is what you are looking for?


No, that rule would only apply to tasks with a past-due date (eg. today is April 27, rule will apply to tasks dated April 26 or earlier). This does not help with tasks with a future due date (eg. May 16 etc.)

Then you can use the rule for upcoming due dates:


@Roey_Kostika you are correct that there is no straightforward way to move task that has a due dates in the future to “Do Later” section. At this moment I also move all my later tasks manually.


The only approach I can think of would be to have a rule that adds all tasks to later when they are sent to my tasks, then have due date rule that triggers tasks move them to the correct section at midnight, but any “same day” tasks assigned to you will also move to later.

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Bump and vote if you think this is helpful and would like the Asana team to work on it :slight_smile: