Rescheduling My Tasks + moving sections

In My Tasks

  • Weekly, I manually move tasks to “This week”
  • I have a rule to move tasks with a due date of today to “Today” section
  • I often have to push task due dates out several days.

Is there a good way to automate this so they move to “This week” or “Upcoming”? All of the rules I see seem to be based on a count of days, instead of this week/next week logic, which only works at the beginning of the week.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Rebecca_Schmidt :wave:
I think this feedback request thread is partially about what you are looking for?

An option on how to do this was also shared here In this post it says custom fields are not available in My Tasks which is no longer accurate as they are available already :slight_smile:

Another thread that might be interesting for you is this.

Please also note that time based rules always run once per day around midnight.

Does that help?

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Hi Andrea, I’m sure you were generically referring to date-time-based rules here, but just to be super nit-picky: if a due date has a time, it should run immediately. It’s due dates without a time of day that only run at midnight.

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Oh yes thanks for spotting @Phil_Seeman!
Important difference indeed.

Thanks! That first link is what I’m looking for. The workaround in the 2nd link looks handy for pulling tasks into a section, I need one to move them out. :slight_smile:

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I understand how this rule-based task moving works and I use it. However I think it is not very user friendly. If I add a task with due-date set to today I either have to move it manually to the “Due Today” column or wait for the rule to be executed at midnight (by this time the task is already obsolete).

Is there any way to have my newly created task appear immediately and automatically in the relevant column? This seems to be a very basic feature and yet I struggle to achieve it.

Not with native Asana. You can do it using the date-based rules in our Flowsana integration, which do run immediately when a task is created or its date updated.

Also, you’ll probably want to upvote this product request:

Thank you. The proposed workaround in the other task looks useful, but still I think there should be a “non rule-based” way of having a overview of tasks with their due dates.

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