Due Date is Approaching Rule... Way to Only Have Apply to a Single Section?


Before Asana came out with the rules feature they grouped tasks as Today / Upcoming / Later. One thing I miss about that old setup was that when something became due it would only look at tasks within the Upcoming section.

With the new due date is approaching rule Asana looks at every section in the workspace that just became due and moves them to the same section.

Is there a way to somehow make the behavior so the rule only looks at section ABC and if something becomes due move it to section XYZ?

Hope that makes sense and thank you in advance for any tips!

Hi @aaronasana and welcome to the forum,

If you are on the Business subscription level, you can do this with a custom rule with two triggers (one being the date and one being the section). Below that subscription level, it’s not possible to limit that rule to being active in just one section.

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@Phil_Seeman can you confirm in this case the second trigger is “Task added to a section” even though in this case it means “Task was in section when trigger one happened”? I believe so, and it is confusing, I just wanted to confirm I was not the only one believing so.

Oh that’s a very good point, @Bastien_Siebman - I can’t test it right now but I think I’m wrong in saying that type of two-trigger rule would work the way I said it would, for the very reason you point out!

No, @Phil_Seeman, you were initially correct:

“Task added to section” also can mean “Task currently in section.”

I use these very kinds of rules in My Tasks, @aaronasana, to protect some of my My Tasks sections from having tasks automatically moved while still enabling their auto-promotion in other sections, kind of how Asana used to work.


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Phew, thanks for confirming that, @lpb!


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