How to use the rules feature to organise the task in sections in My Tasks?

Hi Emily, I tried to read a lot of comments here about my task and the problem of “rule” in my task. I still have huge problem using the “rule” feature to organise the task in sections.

I just want the simple rule to move from “recently added” to “Later” or “upcoming” or “today” but at midnight time everyday seems like only the task with today due date moving to “today” section and others still remain the same and after checking the rule in “later” and “upcoming”, it said the rule never run…

Can you show me the full guide how to use rule for this simple thing… I did read all the guide about the rule already also but as I said only the task with due today is working…


@lpb has wrote a nice piece on the new My Tasks, he’ll share it with you!


Hi @Yong_Siri, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Take a look at @lpb piece below, you might find it helpful :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


thx. Bro

I finished reading this one already and I think I did exactly. I will try to set the due date and everything tonight and will check again tomorrow that the rule is working correctly or not?



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