Recurring Tasks on My Tasks Page moving to a different section

Recently, when I have been marking a recurring task as complete, the “new” task with a future due date pops up in a different section. I don’t remember this being an issue before.

Once I figured out this was happening, I created a few test tasks to watch it happen in real time. I have 8 sections on the My Tasks page, and I’m finding that, no matter which section a recurring task is created in and/or “belongs” to, once a recurring task is marked as complete, the “new” task with the next due date moves to the same section, let’s call it #8.

Again, I don’t remember this happening before, but I haven’t had very many recurring tasks previously, so I can’t tell if something’s actually changed. Anyone have any ideas?

Hello @Hally_Bashor

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The behaviour you have observed is the standard Asana behaviour; so yes, I can confirm it happened before.

Newly assigned tasks to you are automatically stored in the “Recently assigned” section, you might have renamed the section, but that’s the default name and it is a “special” section.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can set-up rules to have the tasks moving automatically into other sections based on their dates for instance.


In your profile settings > Hack, there is a toggle that says “Recurring tasks in last section of My Tasks”. Isn’t it what you are talking about here?


Aha! I think this is what I was looking for. Thank you!

Hello @Hally_Bashor,

I just activated the option “Recurring tasks in the last section of My Tasks” and what that does is create the new task in the very last section of your My Tasks, independently from which section the task was in before, and exclusively based on the position of your sections in My Tasks.

So, just for full clarity, in case anyone stumbles on this thread:

  1. This is what happens with the standard behaviour.

  2. If you instead activate this hack, Asana will recreate the recurring task in the section that you have placed last in My Tasks.

I am not sure if you were trying to have the task recreate in the same section where it was before completion. To my knowledge, there is no function to have the recurring task recreate in the same section, unless that is the last section, of course, in which case the hack mentioned will do the job.


I have the same problem and it is a weekly frustration!
I have hundred of task and I really need Asana to renew my recurrent task in the “last section the task was in before completion” and NOT in recently assign NOR the last section(bottom of the page)

Can Asana fix this very frustrting problem?

it is as fustrating as the amount of recurring task that you have to move back again and again to their appropriate section!!

in my opinion it should come by default, but please at least give us the option with a tick box in the hack menu

Can you explain why? You keep in your top sections things due in the future? thanks :slight_smile: