Recurring Tasks end up in bottom section in My Tasks

I work on tasks over time, having tasks sorted by due date makes it a certainty that a task will get lost in the shuffle. So I deleted the standard Upcoming section and deleted all the rules that moved tasks between sections based on due date and created new sections.

The problem I have is that I have a few tasks set up on a recurring weekly schedule and when I mark the task complete the new task ends up in the bottom most section. It does not show up in recently assigned or the section it was created in. Very annoying because I need to remember to search the bottom section then move the newly created task to the weekly section. I’d be happy if it showed up in Recently Assigned - at least then it wouldn’t get lost - best case would be for it to show up in the section it was created in.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a recurring task in section B
  2. Mark it complete
  3. Find it bottom section and move it back to section B

Browser version: using the desktop app

Upload screenshots below:


You should check Profile menu > My settings > Hacks and make sure to toggle off this setting:

Recurring Tasks in Last Section of My Tasks
Makes recurring tasks always reappear in the last section of My Tasks when you complete them instead of the default column

I suspect that’s turned on and it sounds like you’d want it turned off, which will result in recurrences appearing in Recently Assigned (or whatever you renamed that section to).

I actually manage My Tasks with a combination of manual and automated approaches, and much prefer to leave that setting toggled on. For the full picture, consider my recommendations in:

Hope that helps,


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Well that was a simple fix!

Thank you.

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