Recuring completed tasks now go to "Later" section instead of "Unassigned"

Hello, I was happily using the new My Tasks screen for a few months. Suddenly the rules seem to have changed. Previously when I marked a recurring task as completed it went to the “Unassigned” (New) section, now it goes to the “Later” section, which is problematic because I was not notified of this change and on the other hand it is hidden at the bottom of my screen, I do not see it anymore. Have you noticed this change in behavior? Thanks.

Found out that discussion:

My hack is not activated (it’s Off) but still my completed tasks go into the last section (which I don’t want). This behavior is new (a few days old). How can I restore the old behavior? (completed recurring tasks going into the first section)?

Hi @Patrick.EMIN, thanks for reaching out!

To clarify, you have the Hack toggles off, as seen in the screenshot, but recurring tasks are still showing in the last Section of your My Tasks?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Yes exactly.
But in the mean time I did a test and it turns out that the recurring tasks placed in the “Later” section are with the rules I put in place, reappearing in the Today section when applicable, so, this is fine like that, apart like you noted that the hack is not working like it should. @Bastien_Siebman

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Thanks for following up, @Patrick.EMIN! If you have a Rule set up, it will pull the task from the Section it first lands in after being regenerated and move to the chosen Section. So, it sounds like this is working as expected!

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