🧠 Newly assigned tasks don’t fall into my Recently assigned section of My Tasks, why?


:thinking: This is a very weird situation we investigated recently for a client, with the help from the great @lpb and @Phil_Seeman . On some Asana accounts, newly assigned tasks would land in a random bucket of the user My Tasks view, and not the « Recently Assigned » section or one of their choice.

:bulb: The reason is apparently the following: you can’t choose the section it lands into, Asana has a default one you need to use, even if that means renaming it and moving it around to match your own personal organization.

:white_check_mark: So if tasks land into the last section of My Tasks you called Later, it is probably because you renamed the Recently Assigned a while back, so rename it back and move the section to the top.

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Thanks for this heads-up. I can see how this is impacting users without knowing.

I have multiple recurring tasks set up. When I complete a current task, it is put my new task in the Done section instead of Recently Assigned. I only have “Today’s Tasks”, “Recently Assigned” and “Done”. Any advice?

Do you have a rule that moves completed task inside the Done section? If yes, then that’s the reason, the new task is always created in the same section as the original one, unless you have Profile settings > Hacks > “Recurring Tasks in Last Section of My Tasks” hack enabled (which also could be your issue here).