Automating recurring tasks

Hello, I’m new to Asana and unfortunately can’t find a solution to my propblem.

I have recurring tasks for whom I want to set up the following work-flow:

#1 Task is 7 days before due date → Move to Section “To Do”
#2 Task is 3 days before due date → Change Priority
#3 Task is 1 day before due date → Change Priority
#4 Task is Completed → Move to Section “Done”
#5 New recurring Task → Move to Section “Recurring”

#1-4 are fairly easy. #5 I have no idea how to set it up.

No matter what I try, I cant trigger it to move into a different section.
For clarification, I created the recurring task simply by setting a recurring monthly due-date.

So, when I finish the task, it will create a new task with new due date. All good. But…

Whether I set the trigger to “Task is added to project” or “due date changed” or “section changed”… it’s not triggering anything for the automatically created new task.

Thanks for any help.


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