Optimizing Recurring Tasks - Moving between sections and end dates

Moving Recurring Tasks on Projects
Our team currently uses recurring tasks to track when grant reports are due. Most of our reports either have quarterly or monthly deadlines. Our board is set up with the following sections: To Do, In Process, Completed. Once we complete the recurring task in the In Process section, the new task appears here instead of going back to the To Do section. I have read multiple forum posts and there does not seem to be a solution for this.

This also does seem to be solvable by using a Status column instead of a section. Once a recurring task is completed, it will be recreated with the same status it was completed with (ex: In Process instead of To Do).

It would be great for a rule to be triggered based on whether a task is set as a recurring task, if yes “Do This”.

Recurring Task End Date
Another challenge is the reporting deadlines are for a given period (ex: 2 years). Once the last one is complete, I don’t want to see the recurring task anymore. Our temporary fix is to have a note in the description, but this is not an ideal workaround.

Also here is the link to a similar thread:

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Unfortunately our org is not going to invest in an additional subscription tool. :frowning: