Keep new instances of recurring tasks in the section they were originally assigned to

in the “my tasks” list, I have a section for recurring task. However, whenever I mark one of those tasks as done, the next auto-generated instance of said task re-appears in the “last assigned” section instead of the “recurring tasks” one. How do I fix that?

There’s no obvious way to use a rule, because rules don’t understand the “due date is recurring” type of trigger.

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Hi @Lutz_Lehmann :raised_hand:

Were you aware that in your profile settings > Hack, there is a toggle that says “Recurring tasks in last section of My Tasks”?

If you feel like that’s not enough, I found another topic that looks similar to yours [My Tasks] Add new recurring tasks to the same section in which the previous task was completed. Please let me know if that’s the case, I will merge the two topics to increase the chance of the product team to pick it up.


Hi Arthur,

the hack is not what I’m looking for (as I have a dedicated section for recurring tasks). The other bug/suggestion thread you mentioned is exactly what I’m looking for, especially since I might eventually have more than one section of recurring tasks. Have voted for the topic, feel free to merge.


when I complete a recurring task is re-populates at the top of the to-do list, can asana make it so the monthly or periodic task re-loads under the section header it’s already living under?

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Welcome, @Maxwell2,

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.



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I have two sections with recurring tasks in “My Tasks”: One is called “Urgent” and one is “Recurring”. Recurring is the last section and the hack, that Arthur suggested, helps for those tasks.

But the urgent recurring tasks go to the last section as well, where they might not be seen in time.

@Asana: Could you just place the renewed recurring task in the section it was before? Just like it is in projects?

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