[My Tasks] Add new recurring tasks to the same section in which the previous task was completed

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Recurring tasks, after completed, should reappear under the same location under the Subtask that they were nested. Instead, they appear under Upcoming or Later at the bottom of the view. I’m filling this as a bug because I don’t think the program is intended to work this way. It could be considered a feature request, but I just think the system isn’t working properly. It never has. Please fix it. I’m tired of dragging all my recurring tasks back to their correct location.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a recurring task and place it under a section.
Click complete.
Task will appear at the bottom of the list instead of its correct location, which is where it was when it was completed.

Browser version:

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Hi @Tomas1, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. This is currently working as expected. If you prefer to have your recurring tasks in the Later section instead of the Upcoming section, you can enable this hack in your My Profile Settings.

However, when you mark a recurring task complete, the new task will be placed in the Upcoming or Later section. I’ve moved your thread to the #productfeedback category so other users can upvote for this feature.