Asana Rules triggered conditional on field status


I have a task that repeats daily/weekly. Once I marked is as complete, a new identical task is created, and, as any new task, it shows up in my “Inbox” section. I wonder if I can automatically move it “Scheduled” section. I have a field (Type) that marks different task types and I would be fine with logic: task moved to Inbox + field Type is equal to "Repeat" => move to Scheduled section.

Any other creative solutions would work as well :slight_smile:


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Have you tried setting up a rule in My Tasks?
You could for example set the trigger for new tasks added which have a specific selection in a custom field drop-down. More info about rules in my tasks here.

Also this feedback request thread might be interesting for you.

Also if interested under Profile Settings > Hacks, there is one specific setting to move recurring task into the last section of My Tasks: How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

I hope that helps

Hi @Andrea_Mayer!

Making a rule with a “trigger for new tasks added which have a specific selection in a custom field drop-down” would solve my issue. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it: I see the trigger “Task added to My Tasks,” but it itself is not customizable; and if I use it in conjunction with a trigger from “Task updated,” somehow nothing happens as I guess custom field wasn’t really updated.


Did you try to add the other trigger?


But yes it makes sense that if a field already has a selection it would not trigger the rule.

Maybe you can work something out in regards to the due date then

Or as I mentioned above via the profile settings - hacks to move recurring tasks automatically to the last section, which you could rename?

Thank you @Andrea_Mayer, I tried it before and, unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

See the screenshots I’ve attached. I have a task “test” that’s tagged “Repeat,” it’s recurrent and upon completing it a “duplicate” task is created and the rule is not triggered.

Yes, I think I will have to go with a hack!

Yeah okay I see the custom field selection basically stays the same so it does not trigger. So yeah the hack is the best way probably.