⚡️[Help Needed] How to Create Rule after Recurring Task Completed

I have a number of recurring tasks in a specific section of ‘My Tasks’. When I complete the task the new one automatically goes under the ‘Recently Assigned’ section of ‘My Tasks’ & I currently manually drag it back to the section that all my recurring tasks live under.

How can I create a rule that will automatically move it to that section?

Look forward to your help Brains Trust :blush:

Hi @Tash_Hills .

As you can’t trigger rules on recurring tasks only, I would try by changing your settings as showed in this screenshot, and then using the last section of your “My Tasks” page as a “Recurring Tasks bucket”.

Does it make sense? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the work around @Matteo_Cattaneo that makes sense. I mean not ideal because my visually pleasing sections in a specific order are now out of whack :laughing: but I’ll take that over the constant moving of recurring tasks. Appreciate the support and speedy response.


Another option that I think should work: while it’s true that you can’t make a rule to trigger only on recurring tasks, you could add some other task property which is unique to your recurring task and use that as part of your trigger. For example, make a dropdown custom field called “Recurs” with only one value of “Yes” - and then your trigger would be “Task is added to this project AND Recurs is set to ‘Yes’”.


That’s a winner @Phil_Seeman! Thanks for that idea it’s a perfect work around.

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@Phil_Seeman, I just tested and it didn’t work for me; no rule fired.

@Tash_Hills, did you have better luck?

I tried with custom field change only, custom field change + added to project, and custom field change + moved to section and none fire for a recurrence.

All I can think of to workaround is to assign a future due date to decouple the rule from the creation of the recurrence and use a rule like task due today and recurrence custom field set, but that’s awfully cumbersome (and delayed).

Any solutions, @ambforumleader or @pforumleader?



I also could not get rules to play well with recurring tasks.

My workaround was just ot add a last section and use the suggested toggle by @Matteo_Cattaneo

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Thanks, @Paul_Grobler.

That might be a workaround for @Tash_Hills if she’s ok having that section last.

But still looking to get a rule to trigger for a recurring task; no workaround yet (except Flowsana.net from @Phil_Seeman).


I don’t recall but I probably didn’t test it, since I said “that I think should work” :anguished:

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I tried these rules and interestingly, they fire fine when you manually duplicate a task.

However, when Asana creates a new task based on the recurring function, it treats it differently, despite noting in the activity log “[username] duplicated task from [task name]”.

Something else is clearly happening ‘under the hood’ that unfortunately does not allow rules to trigger upon creation of recurring tasks. :confused:

PS: I also tried the trigger ‘Due date set > New due date is set’ with no luck (in conjunction with/without the aforementioned triggers)

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FYI, while as discussed above Asana does not fire a rule when a new instance of a recurring task is created, Flowsana’s “Task is newly created” rule trigger does fire. So it’s possible to use that trigger to execute Flowsana rule actions when a recurring task is completed and a new instance is created.

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