Issue using rules on recurring tasks

I’m trying to make a recurring task, that resets when its completed.

The use case is the following:
I’m creating numerous weekly reports on clients performance.

The workflow is:

  • I create a report, when I’ve completed the report I change a custom field in the project to “review” a rule I’ve created assigns the task to my boss.
    *She sends the report to the client with notes and other comments. She then completes the task.

And this is where it goes wrong. I’ve created a rule, that when the task is completed custom fields a reset and the task assigned to me. But the task recreates as she completed it. Looking at the completed task, it looks exactly as I want it to, but the recurred task looks nothing like it.

So what do you think? Is it just me, or should asana wait for the rules to run, before creating the recurred task. Which unfortunately rule-wise doesn’t count as a new task added to the project.

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Mads_Knutzon!

I see what you mean, I tested and as you mentioned the rule runs after the new task is created and for this reason your new task includes the custom fields.

What if you try the following workflow:

  1. After your boss share the information with the client, they re-assign the task to you instead of marking it as complete.
  2. You create a rule that remove the field from the task automatically when is assigned to you
  3. You mark the recurring task as complete
  4. A new empty task is created and assign to you so you can start the process again

Alternatively, you can create a “template task” that you can duplicate everytime you need to start this process (instead of using recurring tasks).

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have follow up questions

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