Rules & Follow UP Tasks

Hello Asana Gurus,

I have a question regarding rules. I do not seem to be able to create a rule that once a task is completed, to create a follow up task in a new project.

User case: I have an operational project for 2020. Many stakeholders & project teams are involved. Once a task is completed, an identical one has to be recreated in 6 months time or 12 months time. I was hoping to create a rule that once a task is complete, a new one / or a copy is created with a new due date. Is that possible? Any ideas how best to work around this?


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Hello @Rashad_Issa
Did you look into using the recurring task function? ?

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Hi @Rashad_Issa!

Adding to what @Paul_Grobler mentioned, you can certainly use recurring task to achieve that. You’ll be able to set your task to repeat every 6 months or yearly (12 months time):

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 13.37.56 Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 13.38.13

I hope this helps!

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Thank you @Emily_Roman & @Paul_Grobler for the prompt response.
I will give the recurring option a go.

I was so focused on rules creation, that I missed this staight forward feature. The only thing I would like to clarify is to make sure the recurring gets triggered by the date the task was marked complete, rather than a pre set recurring date. Is that possible? Thanks!

Happy to help @Rashad_Issa!

In that case, you can set the task to repeat periodically. Due dates for periodically recurring tasks are determined by the date the task was last completed.

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Hello again!
I just tested the recurring task option and I am affraid it does not work. :frowning:
When the new task is created, the custom fields in the task are already populated.

They have to be blank for the new task. Any suggestions?

Hi @Rashad_Issa—this is possible within one project using a 3rd-party paid tool. I’ve helped a number of clients implement this type of solution where completing a task creates a new task (due at whatever interval you want) with Custom Fields set to whatever starting values you’d like. If you want to discuss further, you can get in touch here: Project Management Pros