Recurring Task Help

Hello! Every time I set a task as “complete” it automatically pulls in the next one that is set to occur and I do not want it to be this way. What I want is for the task to not occur in Asana until the actual date I set, so if I set the 2nd day of every month for it to recur, it should not populate until that day. It is too confusing when you complete one task that the next one just pops up right then even though it’s not due for another month. Is there any way to do this or a possible workaround to achieve what I am wanting for my team?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Jessica_Howes and welcome to the forum!

So you are wanting the recurring task to be created on the day it is due or perhaps a few days before (rather than as soon as the previous task is completed)? I don’t know of a way to stall the creation of the next recurring task, but there might be some acceptable ways to make it so the future task isn’t front and center if that is what you are looking for…

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Yes I ant the task to wait and recur in the proper month that it is scheduled, not immediately after I check the current one complete. The issue is that when it automatically re-populates the next task its throwing off the task numbers on the dashboard. For example if we have 5 tasks that occur once a month, we want to see when all the tasks for that month are complete but because it is creating the next one, it’s showing incomplete tasks still even though they are for a future period.

I think this is a great #productfeedback request to improve the filter capabilities within Custom Charts!