Delay Task Generation After Completing Recurring Task

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I’ve only been using Asana for a little over a week now so I’d like to lean on more experienced users.

For recurring tasks you create is there a way to delay the regeneration of the subsequent task for next due date period to spawn? For daily recurring tasks I’d like the next bus. day task prompt not to appear until after business hours close so my staff and I feel progress is being made, rather than immediately replacing the completed task on Board/List view with it’s subsequent due date prompt.

Part of the experience with these is the feeling of accomplishment. I believe I can improve the user experience for my staff if I can alter when the daily/weekly/monthly recurring tasks display again to be viewed in their queue.

Any tips or has this not been implemented yet?

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Same issue here. I have a weekly checklist with about 10 recurring tasks. Whenever I complete one task, it automagically pops up directly at the same spot. I’d like to set some kind of delay as well, since I accidently click on complete on that newly generated task instead of the next. It doesn’t feel good either to have a task completed (and a checklist made shorter) and all of a sudden you still have the same task and the same lenght of your checklist.

Thanks for your feedback folks; moving this thread to the #productfeedback as it is currently not possible to delay recurring tasks creation. Hope that’s ok!

Really want this — if you set a start date on a recurring task, it would make sense that it not be created until that start date arrives.

Yes. Although start date is a premium feature… Ideally this should work for all tiers!

Adding my vote for this feature. Ideally for me it should work as follows.

  • The setup should have the following options.
  1. Start Date
  2. interval/Frequency
  3. End Date / Number of occurrences
  4. Lead Days regeneration
  5. Time of day for regeneration

The next task is generated the specified number of days prior to the next due date at the specified time. Of course a default values are used if no lead days or time of day is provided.

Yes, we would absolutely love to have this function on our daily and weekly tasks. Asana is meant to be a task organizer but using it for task tracking can feel very overwhelming when items continue to linger on a list even after checking them off. This definitely should NOT be a “premium” option considering the base function and purpose of Asana as a task tracker.


What is the status of this function that makes reoccurring tasks disappear.

In general, I think the “Mark For” Today/Upcoming/Later feature in My Tasks is meant to be Asana’s solution for this. At least if you’re talking about one’s own assignments as opposed to if you’re all looking at a shared project to see what work you have.

Asana is used in a myriad of ways by millions and Asana designers prefer to keep the app simple with as few configurations/settings as possible. My Tasks with “Mark For” (and task auto-promotion) is one of the few highly “configurable” features of Asana (though many would say it’s not configurable enough). So I use Tab+L with due dates, Tab+U and Tab+Y, and permanent separators (sections) within Today a lot.

It lets me hide tasks I don’t want to see until I want to see them, and organize the tasks I do want to see. I know for a fact not everyone (clients!) benefits as they should from this.

(I’m sure I’ll get stoned for suggesting this!)


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I also would love to see this feature, we’re struggling with our Story Points in a sprint for recurring tasks. When we complete one (which should lower the leftover story points for our sprint), a new one is created with the same story points and it affects our sprint statistics a lot since we have multiple of them. This is really annoying.

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