Daily routine in Asana

I’m trying to create a daily routine on Asana.
So far, the tutorial, showed me to use the repeat option in task ‘due dates’. This isn’t working well because, each time I complete a task, the task duplicates itself and updates its due date, which isn’t exacly what I’m looking for, cos now my project is looking untidy, with so many duplicates, every single day.

I want to be able to repeat a task everyday, without having it duplicate every single time. Please I need help, and didn’t find a support email, hence the use of this forum.

Hello @Amarachi_Azubuike,
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For tasks with many subtasks using the recurring feature might not be ideal as they will be duplicated also.

Also tasks that already have a lot of comments or attachments, when set as recurring all comments etc will be lost, only the description basically stays.

Now in terms of recurring time you would be able to change it when the task should reopen.

Personally I often just update the due date.

For example I would have a task called „Preparing Weekly Sales Report for xxx“
Then I have this task in my weekly column in my Asana board.
In the task itself I have the details added and also notes and screenshots from previous updates as I prefer to have all in one task.

Now whenever I attended for the week I change the due date to one week later so I automatically get reminded again.

Alternatively what you can do is also use rules to automate this further.
For example you can move all tasks that need ro be attended daily in a special column, project or with a special custom field selected. And then you use this as trigger in your rule + task completion.
Then as action when a task in this special section is completed it reopens itself automatically.

Does that help?


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