Set tasks to repeat on a certain day of the month 🔁

Hello Asana Community!

I have some exciting news to share with you!

Starting today, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to select a specific weekday for recurring tasks. Now, when you set a task to repeat monthly, you’ll see an option to choose which weekday it will occur on. This will make it even easier to stay organized and on top of your schedule :repeat: (4)


Please note, we are gradually rolling out this update, and it will be available to all Basic, Premium, Business and Enterprise customers soon.

Hope you find this new feature helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Thanks for sharing this exciting news with the Asana Community. I think the new feature allowing users to select a specific weekday for recurring tasks is a terrific addition. It will help with staying organized and on top of things. Looking forward to trying it out soon!


I love this idea. I work on client’s tasks on certain days of the week. To be able to set my monthly tasks to recur on a particular day of the week will make things so much easier and more organized! Thank you!!


We needed this! :raised_hands:

Does this create a new task technically or just keep the same task open repeatedly?


So glad to hear that this is now an option! When will this start showing up? I still do not see the option.

Hello @Roxanne_Dockter, once you mark a recurring task completed, it will duplicate itself for the next time the recurring task is set to be due.

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Hello @Dana_Lewis, it will be rolled out gradually as Emily mentioned here:

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perfect thanks!

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Great!! I have been thinking for the last few weeks that I wish I had the option to do a reoccurring task monthly on a specific day of the week. This update is fantastic and I’ve already used it.

This is great news! It’s nice to see that feedback given was thought about and applied.

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Great feature and it’ll help with some of my projects, but something I’d really like is the option to recur on the first weekday of a Month, no matter what the day is.

I’ve got various tasks that need to be done on the first working day of a month, and I have to set it to 1st of the month and change it manually on multiple tasks if the 1st is a Saturday or Sunday, like it was this month, so it doesn’t register as late.


@Emily_Roman when is this going to launch? It is currently not available. Thanks!

Been using Asana for 11 years and this is a big win for adoption and particularly usability for accounting task management. MUCH NEEDED ENHANCEMENT! Hoping rollout of this feature is fairly quick, I’d love to announce to users ASAP.

Currently, when a recurring task duplicates itself it also duplicates attachments. This is not always desirable as in many cases the attachments are a result of the task activity. Can we get an option when setting up a recurring task to nominate what gets duplicated?


We were just recently struggling to find a solution for this for a specific project. This will solve a lot of issues - thanks! (Hope it will go live sooner rather than later :wink: )

Thanks everyone for all your feedback! We are so glad you will find this new option useful :tada:

We are gradually rolling out this update, and it’s currently available to 50% of customers. Please bear with us until we fully launch it to all customers in the next few days :pray:


I love this update! Thank you!

It would be very helpful if there was also an option for “Repeat Expiration” as well.

Repeat Expires:
On: Date
After X number of repeats


very helpful feature, indeed

I second this; it would also be really helpful if we could allow ‘10x 1hr meetings’ within a 10 week period and the hours it counted understood it to be a total of 10, as opposed to a recurring task of 1hr that you have to assume will be 10hrs

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