Would like an option for recurring/repeat task every <X> business days

Hey! We have recurring overview meetings every second business day, and have looked at using repeat tasks for this, but the options available don’t seem to suit. As is it, (as far as I’m aware) we’d have to have 5 separate recurring tasks, each set to their specific day of the week, two weeks apart.

I know others have asked for every specific day, but this is a little different.

Would it be possible to get this looked into/added in the future?


Completely agree on having business day due dates.

As most reoccuring monthly/weekly tasks are scheduled to be due on business days - I find it a bit odd that Asana doesn’t have this functionality.


Hi Asana, this is from June 2018, and I’m here in August 2022 asking for the same feature. I hope this will happen before the year is over!


I am looking for an updated on the business-day feature for recurring items This is a must have for our department and is currently preventing us from fully onboarding. Any idea when this feature will be added?


We have tasks that we would like done the last Saturday of the month. As the number of any certain day that occurs each month is variable, the current system make us have to manually figure this out.

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How is this not a feature? A serious limitation. Having business days and/or a global holiday calendar would seem like a central starting point and the backbone of a task/scheduler
Oct 23, 2023

Adding my vote here.

Voting for this feature to be added.