Expand recurring tasks with n-th weekday of the month / n weekdays `before next month

I love this update: Set tasks to repeat on a certain day of the month šŸ” and Iā€™m wondering if we can supplement it and make it even better.

As for a lot of financial processes, they need to happen around the shift of the month, on a working day.

Therefore, it would be really neat if we could expand the monthly recurring tasks to include the following options:

  • n-th weekday of the month
  • n weekdays `before next month
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YES! Working in a small finance department, our whole closeout schedule is based on the nth weekday of the month - it would save us SOO much time if we could use that as a basis for repeating tasks - set one per year (maybe double check for holidays) and Iā€™m done! Instead, I am building each task out, duplicating for every month, adjusting for the right weekday, then go to the next one x 12 months x 50 tasks. Thank you!!

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