Feature Request: Ability to repeat a monthly task on a specific first or last day

Hello Asana Community,

I am opening this topic to raise awareness to a feature that I think would be very useful to a lot of us here. Given the fact that most of us are using Asana for business-use, it also means it is likely that the majority of us are operating on a business schedule — from Monday to Friday (or whatever your operational week is).

Currently, we have the ability to set monthly tasks that repeat on a specific numerical day, but here is where there’s a shortfall… If I set up a task to be done on the first or last numerical day of every month, there will be a few days in that fiscal year where those days wind up being on a Saturday or Sunday. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t work on the weekends. So I don’t want my repeat tasks there.

To give you a better idea of what I mean, let’s use 2018 as the calendar year and September 2018 as an example of when this would work amazingly:

In January 2018, I set up two tasks to be repeated; one on the first work day (Monday) and one on the last work day (Friday) of each month — never ending. Now, if we advance in time to September 2018, that task would repeat on the 1st work day (Monday, September 3rd) and the last work day (Friday, September 28th) of that month.

How awesome would that be? I think pretty damn awesome! As it stands, I have to manually change the dates every month as they come up in the “My Tasks” view?

Hopefully I’ve explained this well enough. Let me know what everyone thinks.

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