Set tasks to repeat on a certain day of the month 🔁

It’s been over 2 weeks. What are you manually updating each user’s account individually?

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Still no updates for this add on. When will be the launch?

Hi everyone! We are planning to roll out this update to all customers by August 4 :pray: I will post an update in this thread if this date changes.


Hello, I am excited for this feature and posting so I can be in the know. If there is any list we need to add our organization to please let me know. Thank you!

Hello everyone; I’m excited to share that this feature has bee rolled out to all customers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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@Emily_Roman If Asana product team can also consider the following calendar updates:

  1. For tasks that occur sporadically, meaning they do not following any general cadence (ex: weekly, monthly, 3rd Saturday of the month), consider adding a custom multi-select occurrence date feature.

  2. For this new repeat feature for certain day or weeks of the month, consider allowing us to define an end date for these repeat tasks that do repeat but within a certain window of time.

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