Recurring tasks to recur from completion date rather than due date

One of the areas of my life I was planning to use Asana is in tracking house chores. For this, recurring tasks are crucial, since every chore must be repeated on a regular basis.

I created all the chores I want to track, and set the recurrence schedule for each.

I was very disappointed to discover that when I mark a recurring task as complete, the next iteration of that task is always created from the original due date of the previous iteration, NOT the completion date.

This means you can never complete a chore late, or if you do it completely throws off your schedule. For example, suppose there is a task “sweep floor” set to once a week, and it gets completed 2 weeks late, Asana will automatically create an already overdue task, due 1 week ago, rather than creating a task due in 1 week from the previous completion.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better way to manage this particular use case? I’m leaning towards abandoning Asana if it’s not going to work for managing house chores, which is a shame.


Welcome, @Jugdish,

You may not be aware of the “Periodically” option for repeating tasks which makes the next occurrence based on this completion date, just what you’re looking for I think:



Using “Periodically” does not really solve the problem. While it does repeat based on completion date, the recurrence pattern is limited to a maximum of 30 days after completion. This is obviously not as flexible as all the recurrence patterns you get with “Custom”.

I have moved from Asana to TickTick (, which implements this feature perfectly. Here’s how:

You can see that there is a separate drop-down to choose “By Completion Date” which is available for ALL recurrence patterns.

The other options are “By Due Dates” and “By Specific Dates”

This is the drop-down that Asana is missing, and without it, recurring tasks are much less useful to me than with TickTick, so unfortunately I will need to use that until Asana can match this feature.


I have a similar challenge with Asana and would like to see this feature implemented in a future release.


Did Asana team, fixed this glaring issue of giving an option of repeating a recurring task ‘by completion date’?