Will we ever get more than 30 days for periodically repeating tasks?

I saw a thread about this but it was a few years old so just wanted to see if there has been any progress. It’s one of my biggest gripes with Asana yet it seems like it would be such a simple fix. I have to set tasks to repeat every three months on a certain day but if that task gets delayed by a month the next occurrence will just be two months from that completion day. 30 days is so limiting for repeating. It should just be a full year 365 days.

For example, I have a task that should be done exactly three months after I complete it. Why can I only set it to reoccur only 30 days from the check-off date? Instead, if my task gets delayed, I have to edit the task to a new date in the future that is three months away from the current date. If I’m even late by a few days I need to edit the task every time.

I just want to be able to have something reoccur every 3 months, 6 months, etc. from when I check it off. Help us out Asana!

Hello @Steven_Morano,

so when you are logged into your Asana you don’t have this open for your tasks?
Because it should be working to set a task recurring weekly and under custom you can select weeks and months as well.


Can you double-check this in your account please :smiley:

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No sorry, we are talking about two different things unless I am viewing it incorrectly. I know that I can set a task to repeat weekly on certain days, or monthly on a certain day every month, or yearly on a certain day every year. Also know the custom settings for weekly and monthly. These are all great and fine. I’m talking about the periodically option.


As seen here the most you can change this to is 30 days. The difference is if I have something set to every 3 months on a certain day, let’s say for example Repeats Custom, Every 3 Months, on day 18. No matter when I complete the task, the next one will be 3 months on the 18th from the original date. The problem with this is some tasks get pushed back, but the next task stays the same. To remedy this I would have to edit the task every time to a new date.

Let’s say for example I make a task “Mop the Floors” every 3 months on the 18th. The first task is today, October 18th, the next will be January 18th, then April 18th, etc. The problem is I never got around to completing the task in October and now it’s December. I complete the task on December 20th, but the next recurring task is still going to be January 18th.

With Periodically recurring tasks it’s great because if I miss something, the next task will be however many days I set it for after I complete the task. If I don’t mop the floors until December 20th, the new next task will be March 20th, instead of January 18th.

Basically, it’s silly that the limit for periodically recurring tasks is 30 days. It should be 365 days for tasks that you may complete later than the original date. If that makes sense.


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