Longer than 30 days interval for periodically repeating tasks




I checked out many different task management software and Asana is pretty much the only one which has functionality which create a recurring task X days after completion (except off-line solutions such as Emacs org-mode), which is great.

However, it currently only allow 30 days interval, and I wish it supports longer intervals - for many mundane tasks such as filter replacements, usually I need intervals to be 60-90 days.

Supporting intervals up to 365 days would be great.

In the long run, it would be very useful if this type of recurring task can be separated out from recurring tasks which happens on specific dates (e.g., every Saturday), and have its own day-month-year intervals.

Thank you!


Agreed, 365 days desperately needed. Not even sure why this has yet to be addressed, or why there’s a limit to begin with. Pretty annoying.


Completely agree. I have several use cases for 60 and 120 repeating tasks (such as password intervals).


Agreed. 365 days would be very useful.


Agreed, I’d prefer to just type in a number instead of pick from a finite list. I can’t see a reason to limit this.