Longer than 30 days interval for periodically repeating tasks


I checked out many different task management software and Asana is pretty much the only one which has functionality which create a recurring task X days after completion (except off-line solutions such as Emacs org-mode), which is great.

However, it currently only allow 30 days interval, and I wish it supports longer intervals - for many mundane tasks such as filter replacements, usually I need intervals to be 60-90 days.

Supporting intervals up to 365 days would be great.

In the long run, it would be very useful if this type of recurring task can be separated out from recurring tasks which happens on specific dates (e.g., every Saturday), and have its own day-month-year intervals.

Thank you!


Agreed, 365 days desperately needed. Not even sure why this has yet to be addressed, or why there’s a limit to begin with. Pretty annoying.


Completely agree. I have several use cases for 60 and 120 repeating tasks (such as password intervals).

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Agreed. 365 days would be very useful.


Agreed, I’d prefer to just type in a number instead of pick from a finite list. I can’t see a reason to limit this.


More Than 30 Days are needed.

Also Yearly is too short, need sometimes 2 or 3 Years. To set up to 5 Years would be great


Resurrection this because this is still desperately needed! I often have need for tasks that repeat every 60 or 90 days - or even every 6 months. Please add in this vital functionality!

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Choose Monthly, then select the number of months per interval. Just figured this out. It tricks you into thinking it will be only every month, but when you choose it, you have another option to choose the number of months. 90 days, no problem!

Thank you for the input, but that is not the issue we are talking about here. We are talking about the ability to set the repeat date as XX days (or months, whatever) AFTER COMPLETION, not on a certain regular schedule.

One quick example is filter change - you want to replace it every three month (let’s say Jan - Apr - July), but let’s say you forgot and replaced it in May instead of Apr. In this case, you don’t want to replace the filter in July — you want to do it in August. In these cases repeat XX days after completion feature is very useful.

Anyway, I’m disappointed that this still hasn’t been implemented — this shouldn’t be a hard fix.

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Oh interesting. Never thought about it that way. Right, makes sense. In google calendar, I know if I have to change the date of interval, I have to select the item again and set it for a new date with repeated occurrences. Doesn’t Asana let you do that?

My knowledge of Asana is limited. I’m already frustrated with it because it doesn’t show me future repeated tasks until I complete them.

You can change things manually, but it is convenient to have something just repeats in a regular interval from the date of the completion. Currently Asana has the functionality, but you are limited to 30 days after completion.

Got it. Well, good luck with this. Other threads where people make simple requests like this go back many years with no implementation. Hopefully, this is on their roadmap.


It would also be user friendly to set different time frequencies (days, months, weeks, years) i.e. “repeat every 3 weeks from completion date” or “repeat every 4 months from completion date”.

I love periodically, but i hate the limit of 30 days. At some tasks i need 3 years, but the maximum is yearly. It would be great to type the periodically up to 4 numbers (3 years = 1095 days).

If you implement something like every 2 or 3 or 4 years, then i need only 360 days at periodically.

I think this should easy and fast to implement. I hope to see that soon.

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Bumping this: would be very useful for a number of tasks that need to be done 5 weeks, 6 months and 1 year after completion.

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Bumping again, having a Periodic recurrence where we can type a number, and then the recurrence (days, weeks, months, years) would be great!!


This is such an odd limitation. Why not have weeks, months, years as an option for periodic reminders as well OR be able to set recurring based on creation OR completion? I need to set tasks for documentation to be reviewed every 6months based on the last time it was reviewed/completed.

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Desperately needed. Migrated to Asana from TickTick and almost all the way complete with my transfer when I realized this wasn’t possible. Almost tempted to switch back now for this feature alone.

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I Also need this. I have many tasks that I need to repeat every 90 days. Why the 30 day limit?

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Just wanted to ensure if you are aware that you can have a custom setting for recurring tasks as I think this can maybe help in your case?