Longer than 30 days interval for periodically repeating tasks

I did see that, but I cannot have a task recur every 90 days. It’s not one of the options.

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Yes correct that is not possible atm. Thought I’ll mention though as maybe 3 months would have been ok also :wink:

Completely agree. Asana has everything I need except this. I need the ability to schedule tasks to repeat every 33-35 days. I’m so frustrated that I can’t just type in the number of days. Using a dropdown, and limiting it to 30, is really limiting and counterintuitive.

Completely agree with what has been said here. Why even impose a limit? It just needs to be an editable text field, preferably with a dropdown menu to specify days/weeks/months/years. This would be so helpful!!


Just piling on here. There is a great other Forum post that describes the issue really explicitly if that’s helpful: Will we ever get more than 30 days for periodically repeating tasks? (although it got auto-closed)

But seriously - please just make the drop-down editable. I’d be perfectly happy to type “180” if I need something that repeats periodically every 6 months.

thanks for linking my old post. Unfortunately, it didn’t get much traction. Such a silly option to not have infinite days. I would understand if it was some big new feature but they already have it written for 30 days there’s no reason they cant just add more.

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Bumping this as well. I need to set an automated Preventative Maintenance project these task need to be completed every 6 months. Periodically would solve this problem if I could push it out to 180 days. Currently I’m trying to find a way to have a recurring task trigger a rule which also seems to not work.

I am new to Asana, and have immediately come across this issue.
I was desperate to find a task management solution that can have tasks set to recur a certain amount of time after they were last completed, but this cap of 30 days seems completely counterintuitive.
Boosting what other posters have said regarding an editable field which contains numbers only, with the option to set days, weeks, months or years of your choosing.
Having some tasks recur at set intervals just isn’t practical, and having to manually update it each time defeats the purpose of an automated tool!
Does anyone know if Asana has a public-facing product roadmap?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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more than 30 days would be invaluable for scheduling periodic maintenance tasks as previously mentioned!

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Very curious why this is the case. WAY back in the day, Asana used to allow for a value greater than 30 days.

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Agreed! I have an every 60 days task that I could really use this for!

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The periodic interval is genius, and I am surprised to see this topic goes back all the way to 2018. Why the limitation? I just want to set up a task to change our HVAC filters every 90 days AFTER COMPLETION. NOT every 90 days, because for obvious reasons this doesn’t always get done on a specific date when managing a vacation rental.

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Adding onto this thread as I just started using this tool and was researching this as it’s a surprising limitation where I also need tow schedule maintenance tasks longer than 30 days after completion.

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Also very keen on this feature. It’s great to have the repeat n days after completion feature but extremely annoying to see it’s limited to n <= 30.

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Can’t find what you mean. We mean X days after completion. Tried everything. I even managed to hack the web front-end to insert 90 days but not able to find it again. I do not remember how I did it or maybe it is not possible anymore.

We are also keen to see this feature. We use Asana for a lot of things internally and without this feature we will need to find alternative software for our preventative maintenance scheduling.

Enthusiastic +1 to this! There are so many cases where I want “X days after completion” but X is more than 30 days.

I always meant to build this when I was part of the engineering team but didn’t make time for it before I left. I did test it in development briefly and found that the backend logic already fully supports any arbitrary number of days, so the only work required is an update to the web, iOS, and Android clients to make it possible to set and view intervals longer than 30 days.

If anyone from staff is lurking, this would be a great internship or starter project :wink:

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Welcome, @Alex_Ryan1,

Wow! Maybe you could reach out directly to former colleague(s) who might pick this up; I don’t think many currently developers are reading here.

Thanks for contributing this,