Monthly recurring tasks don't skip previous dates if the date is pushed forward.

I’ve noticed that if I have a monthly recurring task, if I move the date forward to the next month’s date (because I’m not going to complete it in the current month) and complete the task on the next month’s date, the next iteration of task that Asana creates is for the same date.

Here is an example of a monthly recurring task.

  • The date is set to 2/1/2022 and is set to recur on the 1st of each month.

  • I decide to skip the 2/1 instance by simply changing the date to 3/1/2022.

  • On 3/1 I mark the task complete. Asana generates a new iteration of the task with the date of 3/1 but my expectation is that the date should be 4/1.

Is my expectation wrong?


I believe Asana expects you to mark off the 2/1 instance as Complete, whether you do it or not, as that is the necessary trigger to create the 3/1 instance. If you manually change the 2/1 instance date to 3/1 and complete it, I would expect the exact behavior that you see. The recurring tasks logic can’t be expected to know that you intended completion of the 2/1 instance on 3/1 (or 3/2 or 2/28 or any date) as sufficing for 3/1.

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Thanks @Stephanie_Oberg!

Is there anyone from Asana that wants to confirm this?


I am not from Asana but I’ve experimented with it a bit and I can see the logic @Stephanie_Oberg was talking about. Since a monthly recurrence is based on the actual date and is not dependent on the completion of the last occurrence, it wouldn’t matter when the last one was completed or rescheduled since you’ve told it to RE-create the task specifically for the 1st of EVERY month no matter what.
This works differently with recurring daily and weekly tasks, since they are not based on a numbered calendar date.
(I don’t know if this is helpful or just more confusing.)

@Mikayla_Santiago, thanks for your reply! That was helpful. I think it was the different experience I was seeing that led me to ask the question about the monthly recurring setting. Thanks for pointing that out!

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