Delete Repeat task automation in asana



Hello All!
I have been using asana for a long time now. And I am pleased with asana task management specially inboxing feature. Which let me clear my dependency and make my task list ready for the day and on.

Now I have created a task which asks me about sending update report to management on a weekly basis. And I setup period for seven days, and it works very well. But nowadays, I don’t want that tasks. It still comes into my list every 7th day. I usually delete it. But it always comes periodically. How can I remove that?

P.S.- I am not sure but I checked everywhere, and I find that I have deleted an original task.


Hi @pathu and thanks for reaching out :wave:t3:

To stop the task recurrence, simply access the task, open the due date and in the drop-down menu next to “Repeat”, select “Never” (see screenshot below)


Hope this helps!


Thank you for quick reply. but it is not showing any existing setting for repeating. Still I did it for many time.

But I think you are asking me for change that settings for the 1st task where I set repetition. But I have deleted that task by mistake


In that case, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team with the URL of the new task created that doesn’t seem to have a repetition set up, so they can take a closer look into this for you!

Apologies for not being able to help further with this issue!