Asana task keeps reappearing after deletion (It's not a recurring task)

I have a task that used to be a recurring task but has since been deleted.
The task now keeps reappearing every few days however there is no recurring settings set on the reappearing task, and there is no parents tasks or archived task that we can find that could be creating the tasks.

Here is the task link:

Hi @Kyle_Ueckermann, thanks for reaching out!

I had a look and I see the task is a reminder to update some projects progress: ‚ÄúConsider updating your project progress‚ÄĚ. Please access the projects mentioned in the task description and access its Progress tab. Then toggle off the option ‚ÄúRemind me to update every Friday‚ÄĚ.

I hope this helps! Let me know if the issue persists and we can investigate more details together!

Thanks, solved!

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