The task does not disappear when we try to check it




We have a problem with a specific task, cause it does not disappear when we try to check it. Have you same ideas why?

Thank you.


Can you check your projet configuration is not “show all tasks”?


Yes, I checked.
I think it’s a bug…
I can’t post a screenshot cause I’m a new user, but it seems like the task is “stick” into the “to do list”.


So weird… So it is checked but still appears, and the project displays only incomplete tasks right?


Yes, I check but still appears.

If I go to the tasks done, it shows me this same task several times marked “done”, since I have checked it a lot, because of the bug.

I’ll try to send you an image.


Hey @Giulia_Kaminski_Tram! Sounds like it could be a recurring task? I’d recommend opening the due date fields from the “incomplete” task and make sure it is not set to repeat!

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