Tasks don't go away after being checked off.

Several people on my staff are having issues with tasks reappearing, after they have been checked off. In fact, they not only reappear, they appear in bulk- like 20 times. There is no way to get rid of these tasks. What can we do?

Hi @Tiffany2

Okay first things check to see how they have their view set.

In List View over to the right side of the screen you will see the below;

If they have “All Tasks” selected then both incomplete and completed tasks will be shown so when they complete a task it won’t go away as such.

For the “appear in bulk - like 20 times” can you check that these aren’t reoccurring tasks that have subtasks which have assignees to them. If that is the case then that might be the cause of it.

Hope this helps…


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Thank you.

I just spent a few hours cleaning my asana out yesterday so I don’t have any pictures to show. Often it would happen on reoccurring tasks but it was repopulating tasks that had been checked off- all the way back to last September. After speaking with my at least 2 other co-workers- this is the same thing that happened to them as well. So it isn’t repopulating with future tasks but past tasks that were already checked off.

I am having this same issue, any follow up on this?