Completed tasks reappear in Asana -- not set as recurring

Why do some tasks randomly reappear as incomplete tasks when I’ve marked them complete? They come back with a due date in the past, which is when they were due originally … but they pop up in my incomplete tasks list.

Any ideas?

Hi @Lisa_Newcomb! That does sound strange! Any chance someone marked them incomplete after you completed them? (You should be able to check that out in the task story, right below the task description)

I am having this problem as well. Was there any resolution? Nobody else is touching my account.

HI @Liza_Loeber :wave:t5: and welcome to the Forum?

In order to better understand this issue can you please confirm the following information?

Is this happening to all tasks you have completed or just to a particular task?
Are you using the web version or the mobile app version?
Can you please confirm if you have set the task to repeat?
Can you please share a screenshot of the task activity feed?

Thank you Liza! Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Natalia.
This does not happen with all my tasks, but with 3 or 4 specific projects. Each is set for weekly repeat. Also some of my tasks appear multiple times in my task activity feed as you will see from the screenshotScreen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.46.46 AM

I have marked these complete several times but they keep coming back!

Im having the same issue. It also seems that the tasks that reappear are different between my mobile app and desktop version. Other than that it’s exactly as described—tasks were completed, days or weeks go by and then they reappear. Very frustrating.

I’m having this same issue as well, exactly as described. Has anyone found a solution?

Hi! Any update on this bug? Still happening to me!

It’s been two years of them having this glitch and they STILL haven’t solved for it!?

I’m having the SAME issue now…

Okay asana, you might be fired from being my service. :triumph:

I had this same problem but when I open the tasks, click the three little dots in the right top side and click remove as subtask, when i then mark complete, it does not come back.

i am also experiencing this- was this ever solved? would love some guidance

Is there a solution for this? I’m having the same problem…

Hi @Billur ,

Welcome to the forum! To clarify, are these tasks set up to recur (you can check that by looking in the due date field and seeing if recurrence is set up at the bottom)? Additionally, are they all tasks, subtasks, or a mix of both?

Could you open a few of those tasks and check the activity log (down where the comment section is, you might need to toggle from “Comments” to “All activity”) to see if any rules ran on these tasks?

yes they are recurring subtasks and there are no rules running on these tasks.

@Billur do you have the parent task and the subtasks set to recur? Is anyone else in your organization encountering something similar?

yes both parent and subtasks are recurring and each member of our team are facing the same problem.

@Billur is it possible that those recurrences are from different parent tasks (i.e., because both the parent and the subs are recurring, you’re seeing subtasks from multiple iterations of the recurring parent)? If there are not rules running to un-complete tasks, this is the only scenario I can think of.

If not, you should follow the steps in this post to create a support request with Asana’s team, who will have insight into your specific account beyond what can be covered in the public forum.

hey Stephen thanks! Can you tell me the steps to create recurring tasks for each day of the week, with recurring different subtasks for each day?
Parent task 1: Monday
Subtasks: Task A, Task B, Task C
Parent task 2: Tuesday
Subtasks: Task D, Task E, Task F

Repeating each week. Thanks!