Why Asana is creating duplicate tasks of tasks that have been marked completed

Recently I started getting task reminders in Asana for tasks I had previously marked completed. When I open the new task that Asana is creating it claims I created and assigned the task 21 days ago to myself, but I did not actually create the task. In all instances it is always 21 days ago and also shows a project status of completed on the task that it creates. I generally just delete the duplicate task that Asana is creating, but would be great to understand why Asana is doing this for tasks I marked completed 2-3 months ago and what I could do to prevent this from happening.

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@Steven_Bennion, Maybe this is what’s responsible?

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Hi Larry,

No, they’re one and done tasks, a due date, and no subtasks.

Hi @Steven_Bennion, thanks for reaching out! As @lpb mentioned, this type of issue is usually related to recurring tasks. When you mark a recurring task complete, it will automatically duplicate and show as incomplete in your task list with a new due date. This is currently expected behaviour, you can learn more here.

Another option is that the task was created via a project template. For example, if you create a new project from a template and the template has tasks assigned to you, all these tasks will be duplicated (including due date, custom fields, etc) and will show incomplete.

If any of these options apply, I would encourage you to contact our support team and send them the URL of the task. They will be able to confirm more specific details of what happened!

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Thank you Emily. The tasks were not setup as a recurring (just had to lookup how to do that) and did not use a template. They were setup using the email Asana add-in for Outlook. It is only happening with task I create for myself from Outlook using the add-in.

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