Duplicating Tasks in Projects and Subtasks

Asana beginner here! When I first started using Asana, I never noticed the duplication of reoccurring tasks. Instead, the task would be marked complete, then uncompleted with the new due date. Now, the entire task is duplicating. Is this an update or is there a way I can go back to the old way of reoccurring tasks? My parent tasks are being filled with duplicated subtasks and my projects with duplicated parent tasks…

Welcome, @Alyssa_Buzzeo,

Do you possibly have a parent task with recurring date set as well as one or more of its subtasks with recurring date too?

If so, “x” to clear the date so that only the parent or subtasks, but not both, recurr.



Hey Larry!

No, the parent task has no due date, but the subtask has a reoccurring due date. So, it’s showing duplicated subtasks under the parent task - all but one are the previously completed subtask. I’ve attached screenshots of this.

Similarly, I also have parent tasks with a reoccurring due date and no subtasks that are duplicating, as well. This doesn’t bother me as much, but I am losing some comments when it duplicates.

This is operating as intended (for better or worse).

The old recurrences are maintained because they may have useful info, like date they were done, who did them, comments, etc. So that’s why it operates that way.

A good best practice for projects is to set this filter:

and then lock in that setting right away by clicking the Save view button which appears at the far right. That will hide complete tasks, whether from recurrences or otherwise.

But it won’t help for completed subtasks when you view the parent task in the right-side task detail pane; those will always remain. Two options there:

  1. Keep those completed subtasks below the latest incomplete one and just ignore them, or
  2. Delete (carefully) the older subtasks if you don’t want them around; select one or more subtasks and in the top-right overflow menu, choose Delete selected subtasks.



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