Why is it duplicating my tasks every time I tick it complete?

Each time I mark a task or subtask (that is a recurring task/subtask) as complete it is duplicating every duplicate of this task. so I am having to tick off multiples of the same task each time & it keeps adding to it. Even having to back track because it is creating the task on previous days also. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Lauren, welcome to the forum! It looks to me like you might have a recurrence set on the task. Is there a “recurring” indicator next to the date (two arrows in a circle)?
If so, just remove the due date and re-add it, making sure there’s no recurrence. Then you mark it complete it should not duplicate.

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@Lauren_Leigh, If you have a parent task that recurs, and subtasks within the parent that recur as well, that’s a recipe for problems! You can search the forum for other threads about this but basically unexpected things happen and it’s to be avoided.

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Hi @Lauren_Leigh, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

As mentioned by @lpb, it’s best not to have subtasks of a recurring parent task also set to recur as this will cause the subtasks to duplicate exponentially.

Best practice here is to have the parent task set to recur only :slight_smile:
I hope this helps!

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