Duplicate subtasks after completing parent task

Hello everyone!

Maybe my question is quite simple but still I can’t see the way to solve it.

I create a task and add some subtasks to it. The due date of the parent task may periodically repeat. In this case when I mark the parent task complete (its subtasks may be marked complete or not), in a few seconds I can see the appearance of duplicates for its subtasks (can be seen on the picture ). As I see, some of these new subtasks are relevant for the updated parent task with a new due date and at the same time some of them appear as the copies of the previous completed parent task.

Please help to find the mistake in my task organization.

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If you complete a repeating task, a copy will be created with a new due date. If the original task had subtasks, the new subtasks will have the same dates as the old ones. So I think what you’re seeing are the subtasks assigned to the first task and the subtasks assigned to the second task, which both have the same names and dates.

What I usually do is make the subtasks repeating but not the task. When the first round of subtasks are completed, they come back to life with the correct new dates. Then I change the due date of the task manually. In other words, the task is never completed, I just give it a new date whenever the subtasks are completed and reincarnated.

Note that you should not make both the task and subtasks repeating.

Here’s more information about repeating tasks:


Now I see that the issue, unfortunately, can’t be fixed directly, but there are some solutions that may help to avoid it. I think your suggestion is quite good for my tasks and I’ll use it.

Thank you very much!


Picking this thread back up, @Craig_Fifer - is there a way to automate the task > subtask re-occurrence? I think this is a product feature that is worth looking into.


I’m not aware of any automatic interaction between the tasks and subtasks, so you need to decide whether to make the task or the subtask repeating (but not both). What other options did you have in mind?

@Craig_Fifer We have been having the same problem here, and I did what you suggested, set the parent to a stable date and then make the sub-tasks recurring. However, this still duplicates sub-tasks as they are done, and we do not want to delete the old ones since they may have data we need attached to them. Is there anyway to make completed sub-tasks disappear from the main task once completed

@Kari, I don’t think there is a way to hide completed subtasks in a main task currently.

@Kari as a workaround I created an Archive section an every now and then pushing down the completed ones see attached

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