Subtasks duplication error

Hi guys. Apologize if it’s already fixed but i couldn’t find it.
I have a recurring problem (probably I’m doing something wrong) concerning weekly recurring tasks that contain non-recurring subtasks.
When I close the main task, it reoccurs correctly in the following week, with the sub-task showing the previous week’s due date (and appearing on the collaborator’s bulletin board, who isn’t actually interested).
Is it possible to duplicate recurring tasks without subtasks? Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Riccardo_Moro!

That is currently expected behaviour. If a recurring parent task has subtasks that are assigned with due date (no matter if marked complete already or not) then once you mark the main task complete and a new one is created the subtasks are created again too.
Have a look here and here and this.

So you might have to work something out with how you use these subtasks and rather work with tasks instead. Or try to work something out with rules (rules can now also trigger subtasks being added or new tasks being created so that might help)