Subtask assigned and due before a task

I think this example you gave will work initially. The problem comes when @Chris_Guimbellot completes the main task. I would assume that the two subtasks will still have the same due date.

Recreating the same example, I now have this after completion:

Then, a new task was created:

See that the subtasks retain the Mar 27 due date.

Actually, in our team, we also have this issue. We have tasks specifically for regular reviews of project documents. This means that these are recurring tasks. What we do as a practice is that, we create a subtask for the approval and assign it to our manager. After approval, we then complete the task and Asana recreates the task but retaining all subtasks and all its properties (except for completion.) It means, our manager receives a new task for approval, but this is not how we expect it to behave.

I know there’s a work around for this (i.e. using separate tasks with hypertexts.) But the task / subtask relationship makes more sense to us, since it is clear that for every document update task, there is an approval task that needs to be completed.

It probably means that there should be more options when we are creating recurring tasks. Like, the ability to retain the subtasks, their assignees and/or due dates, or to have their due dates follow the same recurrence pattern as with the parent task.