Help with recurring subtasks

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please.

I have a task with 6 subtasks which I need to recur monthly. I have created the main task with an assignee but no due date. Then i have created 6 subtasks each with an assignee and a date which recurs monthly. When we complete the task it kicks of the new task for next month. But what has happened is it now shows that there are 12 subtasks, 6 of which are completed. Is this right or is there anyway around this?

Hello @Karen_Gascoigne!

Completed recurring subtasks will create new subtasks within the same parent task. The previously completed subtasks will remain associated with the parent task so your list of subtasks will indeed continue to grow.

If you added the monthly recurrence to the parent task then unfortunately the subtasks would retain their previous due date.

The best way to handle this make each of your subtasks a parent task and place them under a Section (which would serve as your “container” just as the parent task does today)

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