Recurring Due Dates in Sub Tasks


Hello! I have created tasks within a project and certain tasks have subtasks. The recurring due date for the task is working perfectly. I have set the subtasks with recurring due dates. When I complete one subtask, the next recurring one appears. However, the completed subtask does not go away. How can I make these subtasks disappear once they are completed?


@Heather_Drake Unfortunately you can’t. Sub tasks don’t disappear they always stay under the parent task. And the fact that recurring tasks are just copies of the task when completed your Parent Task, will always have those completed subtasks.
The other issue you may encounter is that when your main task is completed and recurrs all of the Sub tasks will be recreated and uncompleted and if a due date has been set it may well be in the past.

Have a look at this thread with discussion around the use of Sub tasks. To Subtask or not to Subtask



@Jason_Woods Thank you! This is very helpful. I am definitely all for creating sections and tasks and doing away with the subtasks. I will give this a try. Thank you for your help!


No worries happy to help…