Completing subtasks of a recurring task

I have a recurring task with subtasks, I’ve set it up this way so I can complete the subtasks in changes, while ‘tracking’ them under a main task.
However, each time I complete the recurring task (when automatically then gets a new recurring date), my subtasks are on ‘incomplete’ status with the new recurring date.
Could this be changed so that the recurring main task remembers which subtasks have been completed? Since the reason is to track them, but difficult to do so if they go incomplete each time.

Welcome to the Community Forum @Bronwynn_Dyson!

Thanks for sharing this feedback! I see what you mean, when the recurring task is marked as complete, a new task will be automatically created with a new due date. Subtasks will be also duplicated as new incomplete subtasks.

You are right, it’s currently not possible to keep all completed subtasks under the new part task. However, your subtasks will be always available in your previous recurrent task.

As a workaround, you can add the subtasks to the project so you always have track of what has been completed.

I hope this helps!