Recurring tasks not repeating when completed by assignee

In a private project, I have some monthly subtasks that I have set up as recurring. The people who I assign these subtasks to only have access to the subtask and not to the project.

When I am the one clicking on ‘complete’, a new subtask is created as expected. But when it is the assignee who clicks on ‘complete’ no new subtask is created even though it is a recurring subtask.

Hi @Selma and apologies for the trouble here. That does sound strange; could you please forward the URL of the subtask and the URL of its parent task to our Support Team? They will be able to take a look at this recurring task in our system to understand what’s going on there.

Also, feel free to reference this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything! My apologies for not being able to help you from the Forum, hope this gets resolved soon!

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Hi @Marie I have the same problem with @Selma . How does it work? Thanks!

@Marie , When I complete a recurring task, no new task is created like what we expect. It was working fine last week and the other weeks, it just started today.