Recurring Tasks with Subtasks

I tried to create a main task that recurs monthly and the subtasks would be set to recur on certain dates (monthly as well). For example:
Main task Due Last Tuesday of the month
Subtask 1: First Monday
Subtask 2: Second Tuesday
Subtask 3: Second Friday Etc.

When I mark the main task as complete it recurs but then the subtasks still show the current month due dates. So if it was for November and I mark it complete, it creates a December main task but subtasks are all due in November.

I did this as a test case so my guess is that it’s b/c the subtasks aren’t marked as complete but what I want is for a new task to be created and for the subtasks to follow the above outline.

Is there a way to do this? Other than just creating a task template? Or could I create a recurring main task with a rule that creates the subtasks?


Your closing ideas are spot on.

Something to always avoid is a parent task that repeats containing one or more subtasks that repeat. You can have one or the other but not both without issues. (You can search and find this addressed previously in the Forum.)



Thanks Larry I appreciate the help.

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