Repeating tasks and subtasks

We have tasks that repeat monthly. These tasks have subtasks, which are assigned a date but are not individually assigned to repeat. When the task repeats, the completed subtasks are also included and can make for a very long

list. Is there a way to hide the previously completed subtasks once a task repeats, and just see the new monthly incomplete subtasks?

If not, is there another way I should be formatting my repeating tasks? I don’t really want to see all the subtask items in the calendar view. Thank you!

Hi @Cait_Jones,

Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for this at the moment. Recurring tasks will bring their subtasks and there’s no option to sort the calendar view to only show incomplete tasks. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Another community members have added topics about sorting tasks in the calendar view and removing subtasks from repeating tasks to the #productfeedback category. I want to suggest you to make your comments and vote for these feature requests.

Thank you for taking the time to write your report here!