Recurring subtasks still show as a "task" to complete, even when deleted

Hi everyone, I work in PR and across all accounts we have a “task” for Agendas and Deliverables. Each task has a subtask of 6-10 items (drafting, team review, send to client, etc.) that the assigned owner of the task needs to check off once each subtask is complete. Recently, I had to just delete the old task because, quite frankly, it just created too much work for the assigned owner to check off the subtask every time they completed something given the fast paced nature of our work. We now just have an “Agenda” and “Deliverables” task with the due dates set for both – no subtasks. Yet, still, all the recurring subtasks show within his to-do lists. Is this because the old task was not fully deleted? I thought going in and “Deleting Permanently” the old deleted tasks would help, but we are still having the issue.

Hi @Angelika_Seaman, welcome to the Asana Forum! When you delete a task, all subtasks that are part of another project remain available and are not deleted. This is currently expected behaviour, see more details in this thread: Delete task - subtasks don't get deleted - #2 by Phil_Seeman

If you would like to delete all remaining subtasks, please see the steps here: Bulk delete subtasks and sub-subtasks - #2 by lpb

I hope this helps!

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@Emily_Roman reading @Angelika_Seaman’s post I think the issue is more that when the task recurs, the subtasks that were completed are created as well as new recurring ones and so then there is double the subtasks??

I have a similar issue where we have a recurring agenda point. Someone added an action as a subtask to the agenda point for week B. It was completed but now in week C, week D, week E etc the subtask is being recreated as a new subtask - is this expected?

Hi @Becky_Manson, thanks for following up on this question! I’m afraid this is currently expected behaviour, when you mark a recurring task as complete, it will duplicate all the information including all subtasks that were marked complete or incomplete.

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