[Recurring task] Add option to INCLUDE or NOT INCLUDE Sub-tasks when recreated

There needs to be a way to setup recurring Parent Tasks to INCLUDE or NOT INCLUDE Sub-tasks when recreated.

We often use recurring tasks to manage routine workflow, but our sub-tasks within the parent task are specific to the actions taken for the specific time the task is completed and should not be repeated. A good example of this is Weekly Meetings. We want the Meeting task to repeat, but we want the Topics “Sub-Tasks” to NOT Repeat.

We use this feature heavily and this should be an option to check off “Sub-Task Repeat Y/N”

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, @Adam_McWilliams! This is a very good request, we have a similar feature when duplicating tasks and you can select to include or not include subtasks. I’ll update this thread if I have updates about this feature. Thanks again for sharing!