Sorting tasks in the calendar view

Hi everyone,

I use the calendar view to have a clear overview of the week’s tasks.

Having many things to do every day, I would like to know if it is possible to sort the tasks according to their title. Today, it seems sorted by time at which the task was created.

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Hi @Ulysse, I’m afraid it is not possible to sort your tasks by name from the calendar view; but i’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback to allow everyone to vote for this feature request!


I would also like the ability in calendar views to drag and drop tasks or sort them by assigned team member.


@Marie It would be extremely helpful to have this feature. As someone who spends 8+ hours a day using Asana, I want a way to prioritize my tasks for that day via the calendar view. Tags aren’t enough since there may be multiple tasks that have the same tag. In our case we use urgent, moderate, low, to indicate the importance of the task, but there needs to be a way to prioritize that day’s tasks.


I’ve been looking for something like that in all views, but nothing.
Here is my workaround: set Due time to tasks. This way both desktop and mobile apps shows my tasks in the order I plan to execute them today.
Hope it helps.
JC from BCN


Yes, it would be helpful if I could sort by the Assignee. I manage our Art Request Queue and it would be helpful if I could see the tasks assigned to each person grouped together.

Yes! also being able to bulk select and move tasks in the calendar instead of having to do it one by one and drag them over

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I would love to be able to sort by project! Calendar view works for my brain, but it is VERY messy as it is right now!

I agree with you a 100% Leanne - Using the Editorial Calendar and Tag our Article Names with Categories in the first part of the title. The only way I can see to fix it is to delete everything in the day, and then reenter it manually in the order I want to see it. – FAR from practical.