Reorder tasks in calendar


Its possible to reorder tasks in List view, it would be great to be able to reorder also in Calendar view.



I definitely agree. I use Asana to plan my day, so it is crucial to be able to put tasks in the order they are due / the order I want them to happen on any given day.

At the moment, they are displayed on the calendar in the order you enter the task. The calendar ignores Due Time, which is odd, but you also can’t move tasks around on one day.

The best thing would to be able to move tasks up and down a day and reorder them as you please.

There is also an odd bug at the moment, where if you try and move a task to a different position on the same day, Asana creates a new blank task.


It would be helpful to be able to order the tasks of each day (on the calendar view). Either to be able to order them by priority, or by the order you want to do them or even by group os tasks that you would like to view together. For what i see the order in which the tasks apear horizontally is random and i’m not able to order them as i which by drag and drop.


Hi @patricia.ferreira,

Thanks fo sharing your feedback with us!

I wanted to let you that I merged your comment with this main thread about ‘My tasks’ calendar view to consolidate feedback. You can also vote for this feature request in this thread :slight_smile:

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Great Barbara thank you!

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That’s great - I really want this too!

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@Barbara - I just tried searching for the My tasks thread you mentioned so I could vote for this feature - any chance you could point me to it? I got a little lost in all the threads and sections on the forum.

I pretty much only use the calendar view right now to set and organize tasks because I need the visual space of the calendar as opposed to the more abstract Kanban and list views. Right now it’s very annoying that I can’t order my tasks on the calendar by priority and to group them by project and would love to see this feature implemented! Thanks!

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Hi @Vania_Cao and welcome to the forum,

You’re on that thread right now! Just scroll up and click the “Vote” button to register your vote for this enhancement.

Throwing another vote in here too! Even if re-ordering manually isn’t possible, it would be much more useful to have the tasks in the order that they are in the list view. (That’s in fact the order I would be putting them in manually anyway). I’ve organized the sections & tasks in list view to be grouped by priority, so having that task order transfer over to the calendar view would be FAR more useful that the order in which I created a task!

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Can we please get this feature added. We are using the calendar view to run our companies production schedule (we have two seperate monitors wall mounted in our factory). We would love to be able to re order task’s within a certain day so that we can put the jobs required out first at the top of the list.

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Hello @Marie

I’m starting to use the calendar view more and more, and actually it would be super useful:

  • to be able to change the order of the tasks for a given day
  • that tasks that have hours be in chronological order.

Are you working on those points?

Have a nice day

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How has this not been done yet? It used to work this way and it was changed with an update a while back. There’s not a single advantage to not being able to reorder tasks in calendar view. I feel like no one is listening.

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I see that many of these posts are from a year or more ago. I’m writing this on March 24, 2020, and am wondering if this feature is available yet. I would LOVE to be able to manually order tasks in calendar view. Thank you!


I find this issue very annoying and counterproductive. Having the ability to change the order of the tasks in calendar mode would make Asana way more efficient. It is very important for me to work in calendar mode and sometimes, some of the tasks that I would like to prioritize are hidden because they’re at the end of the list and I can’t change the order of them.

Please do consider our feedback.

Thank you.


Absolute must have! It will really save time and mental effort every morning to recall and get a feeling of the planned daily flow.
Please make this, Asana :pray:


It has been 2 years and 11 months since users first started asking for this, and yet there is still no feature to reorder your Tasks in the Calendar! With 54 votes and so many polite users who took time out of their day to endorse the product and ask for a minor tweak, I am baffled that this has not been implemented yet.

As even the most basic to-do list app allows you to do this, even a coding intern could do this for you in half a day!

Eagerly waiting to see when this will be implemented, perhaps in another 3 years time.


Chiming in to say the absence of this feature is baffling. Like many others here, I use the calendar to get a holistic view of projects, and often move tasks between days as deadlines shift. When getting down to work, it’s so important to productivity to not have to stop to examine each task listed on that day to decide its priority—when I’ve already thought about that already when I moved the task to that day originally!
Please, please, please give us the option to reorder tasks in calendar view.


Please allow this feature to re-order/organize tasks within calendar view.

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Any luck on this? This is the only thing holding us back in purchasing the premium version and adding over 25 users!

The way i use to resolve this problem is setting a DUE TIME on the task. With this, the task is organized on a sequence that i want.

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